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    CBER’s Document Control Center (DCC) will not process any submissions received by mail or courier including submissions provided on paper and electronic media (e.g., CDs, USB drives) until further notice. Submissions may be sent through the Electronic Submission Gateway or in some cases by e-mail. Please see the Letter to CBER Sponsors, Applicants and Regulated Entities.



    Allergen Extracts, Allergen Patch Tests, Antigen Skin Test


    Vaccines for Use in Children and Adults, Tuberculin Testing

    Safety & Availability

    Recalls, Shortages, Biological Product Deviation Reporting, Adverse Event Reporting, HIV Home Test Kits

    Science & Research

    Research by FDA Staff to Evaluate and Enhance the Safety of Biologic Products

    News & Events

    Latest news and event information from the Center for Biologics and Evaluation at FDA

    Evacuation route sign during storm

    Impact of Severe Weather Conditions on Biological Products

    CBER is providing interested persons with information concerning the storage and use of temperature-sensitive biological products that have been involved in a temporary electrical power failure or flood conditions.

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    CBER's main goal for Twitter is to provide up-to-date information to consumers, health professionals, regulated industry and other interested stakeholders about CBER regulated products.

    Workshops, Meetings & Conferences

    FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) sponsors or co-sponsors meetings, conferences and workshops about various biologics in order to educate the public and seek the opinion of interested parties.

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